F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Sales Framework & Story Telling

Here’s the simple framework for #selling your product. Memorize it for yourself.

1. #Gather info: The basic is to ask questions & drive over the assumptions. Find out if your customer has previously used a similar kind of product before, and how they used it. ?

Research on it. Ask relevant questions. Derive meaningful insights. Do not try pull the other product down — highlight your product features for the actual problem they solve.

2. #Respond to the information above: Emphasize the importance of using the product for today / future. Keep the messaging crip & be sharp on the use cases in less than 4 sentences.

Ponder if there is a problem to solve — and how your product can solve the same efficiently.

3. #Deliver the information: Sell something bigger than the product. Sell the idea, the state of mind or the experience.

(Eg; Marlboro did this back in 1960’s, with introduction of Marlboro Man & by selling a ‘life style’ through it’s ads. They emphasized hard on the experience, even moreso than on the product itself.)

4. #Closing: Conclude on the buying. Ask if the customer would agree with you & if they’d wish to experience the same.

Does that make sense? Yes. Ok, good.


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Story Telling

#Storytelling is an art.

1) Think of 3 people who you know who tell great stories. What is their secret? Travel and diverse experiences? Openness to try new things? A strong sense of timing, and really making the “punch line” of the story count? A good listener who knows what the audience is interested in hearing? Learn from great presenters.

2) Think of 3 people who are terrible at telling stories. Do they drag on and on? Do they laugh at their own jokes, when others don’t? Do they talk about boring things people are not interested in? Do they repeat the same stories?

3) Watch TED. Listen to story-telling podcasts. Visit with people 20–30 years older than you, and ask them about their lifes. Pre-internet stories are WAY better. Trust me.

#Leaders tell stories. This is so true, it is almost a cliche. Leaders get things done through other people. Leaders make voluntary followers. Leaders motivate through words, vision, direction, credibility, authenticity, and ultimately, stories.

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Thank You

Phani Marupaka

Product Marketing- Technology Writer - Business Development Professional - LinkedIn -http://bit.ly/2DpT2js

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