“There are so many deep-tech innovations in Silicon Valley. Why haven’t we seen such innovations yet from China, India and other countries?”

This is a common question among many members of startup community worldwide. I propose my “Layers of Innovation” theory to answer this.

When you look at the innovation…

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat the small anymore, it will be the fast beating the slow.

In 2004, Google was already a goliath when it comes to data. It had money, servers, network infrastructure, leadership, brand power and everything else. However, over the next decade and more they desperately watched the upstarts Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others compete happily among themselves not even noticing Google’s presence.

How to make a slide like a consultant

When people see slides from McKinsey and BCG, they see something that is compelling and unique, but don’t really understand all the work that goes into those slides. The companies have a healthy obsession with how things look, how things are structured and how they are presented.

They also don’t…

Bots have a knack of retaining knowledge and improving as they are put to greater use. They have built-in natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and are trained using machine learning techniques and knowledge collections. Just like humans evolve through learning and understanding, so do bots.

A glance into NLP and conversation design

Say something to a…

Phani Marupaka

Product Marketing- Technology Writer - Business Development Professional - LinkedIn -http://bit.ly/2DpT2js

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